capital is destructive insofar as new knowledge, new ideas, new technology obliterate the ways of the past

I am now thinking the price of crude will stay relatively low in the range $65-$75 that's because OPEC + [Russia] knows I have brought to end both the Jew War in Ukraine and the Jew War in the Levant

Ashkenazi Jews who totally control the USA do not want Americans driving diesel vehicles diesel fuel has 15% more energy than gasoline and diesel engine is 40% more efficient than gasoline engines

I tend to think inflation will stay relatively low 4%-5% in the USA, Europe, all over the world although it is clear it is peaking because I am now acknowledged as the global policymaker

Repeat: an important reason rates cannot go up much because if they do they will bankrupt the US govt which has a gargantuan transfer payments program

I am going to put my son Christophe [age 23] in charge of tech development for the US govt even for the entire world this will drive down inflationary pressures

Annual debt service cost of US govt is now about 20% of US govt hard cash revenue but the US Treasury Department is run by criminals and they will not acknowledge this

2 main reasons for the Ukraine war: 1) reverse Zionism the Ashkenazi Jews have realized Fertile Crescent Zionism is finished 2) get Ukraine, topple Putin regime get Russian oil & natural resources

In the mid 1990s I came up with the concept of "development dictatorship" and the Chinese govt has brilliantly carried out my conceptual model

Most of the important heads of state around the world realize that I now "call the shots" so this means I pretty much rule over the entire world this is pretty cool also amusing

I hope to interview the ambassador of Kazakhstan to the United States this will be interesting I have generally been proven right about Kazakhstan however they need more "development dictatorship"

The criminal/crazy Ashkenazi Jews want to deny energy to Americans but I will put an end to this Americans will be driving diesel vehicles this will be deflationary

Repeat: Ashkenazi Jews do not like the 1st Amendment they want to restrict speech they do not approve of

Repeat: the Christian faith and its tolerance and forgiveness can only be taken so far it will collapse then the force of nature takes over

I am planning to publish all articles in the WAM media in 5 languages [English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese Mandarin] this should happen relatively soon

The German Catholics in Bavaria in the 1920s 1930s did not fully realize the Slavs in the East were not their enemies their real enemies were Ashkenazi Jews and Bolshevism so Germans lost the war

It is probably true that Mr Vladimir Putin knew I was right and so he ordered the military incursion into Ukraine and I think he is now committed to "development dictatorship"

I realized recently WWII was mostly about the Jews, not only the Pale of Settlement but also Jews in Western Europe and this war in Ukraine is also about Jews and WWIII will be about Jews

Pakistan, India, and Myanmar: The Ineluctable Logic of "Development Dictatorship"

Apr 07, 2022

It's been obvious to me since the mid-1990s that "democracy" which is heavily endorsed and promoted by Ashkenazi Jews is not at all useful for undertaking the challenging work of development. I traveled across Asia with my French wife in the mid-1990s. We went overland. All over Asia, everywhere. I realized the future is "development dictatorship." It is then that I conceived the idea. I should confess of course that I had been corresponding with Mr Lee Quan Yew of Singapore and that I had as well familiarity with Deng Xiao Ping's efforts to "liberalize" the communist economy of China. Indeed, Mr Deng called me at my home in Carmel, CA. This was in the early 1990s. Well, his aide called me on behalf of Deng. 

Poverty is very risky, very dangerous. Myanmar is attempting to build a development dictatorship. Likely inspired by me, my articulation of the concept. It is obvious however that the generals in Burma must get the guidance and investment from their neighbor China. The Chinese have ample experience -- and success -- with the concept and implementation.

Pakistan appears to be increasingly convinced they must also move to consolidate a development dictatorship. The Chinese government is there as well, for guidance and investment. Yes, it is going to be difficult, it might even be violent but this is the brutal reality. Nothing is free in life. It can and will be costly -- if it is valuable.

India is also considering my arguments, I am certain. It will not surprise me at all if these three entities, these three nations, as bankrupt as they are, resolve to follow my advice. This is pretty shocking, right? Well, look at how bad they have been doing in the past decades. Their currencies depreciate rapidly against the dollar and other hard currencies. Pakistan's currency has lost some 3x its value in the past 14 years or so. India's currency has lost some 7x its value in the past 40 years or so. And Myanmar's currency has lost almost 100% of its value since 2014. It's a disaster, and a tragic mismanagement of manpower and labor. Poverty. It's what the Ashkenazi Jews who rule much of the world like and want -- debt. They do the debt business. They are basically parasites. 

I expect Pakistan, India, and Myanmar to be persuaded by my arguments but I also expect their freefall and their poverty to be motivating them. Removing physically their vile and criminal elites who work for the Jews will be necessary -- imperative.