capital is destructive insofar as new knowledge, new ideas, new technology obliterate the ways of the past

The price of crude oil can really go higher and higher I do not think there is really a limit on how high it can go I predict it will eventually go to $200

Just published an interview here with Mr Phil Flynn we talk about the very distressing situation we find ourselves in which is that kooks are making energy policy

The Federal Reserve Board is overall pretty incompetent but it does not really matter because the Ashkenazi debt business is what drives economic policy and Fed policy also interest rates

It is pretty obvious interest rates cannot go up much because if they do they will bankrupt the US govt which has a gargantuan transfer payments program

Ashkenazi Jew Alan Greenspan did like me and he was impressed with me but I do not really think he was very smart just another Jewish swindler in Washington

Annual debt service cost of US govt is now about 15-16% of US govt hard cash revenue so the Ashkenazi Jewish parasite does not have much time left before their host implodes

Just interviewed for the 4th time my friend Ms Gail Tverberg I explained to her why there was military incursion into Ukraine

In the mid 1990s I came up with the concept of "development dictatorship" and the Chinese govt has brilliantly carried out my conceptual model

I talked to a senior official of the IMF a week ago, he told me I would not be able to interview Kristalina Georgieva the managing director that's unfortunate she is scared also probably incompetent

Tomorrow I interview a senior European diplomat in Washington I think it should be interesting possibly also pretty freaky for Ashkenazi Jews in Washington

I will call up again my friend David B Collum, he 's at Cornell University....chemistry, he said he is close to aligning with me on this war going on in Ukraine

Ashkenazi Jews do not like the 1st Amendment they want to restrict speech they do not approve of

The Christian faith and its tolerance and forgiveness can only be taken so far it will collapse then the force of nature takes over

Tension is building again and I realized last night another world war is inevitable probably within 10 years

Actually the archives do reveal this but historians cannot discuss the truth you will only see falsehoods and distortion

The Germans, mostly in Bavaria, determined they would no longer tolerate Ashkenazim, their anti-Christian and anti-social behavior

I realized last night WWII was mostly about the Jews, not only the Pale of Settlement but also Jews in Western Europe

The Collapse of the Banking and Media Giants [November 2005]

Apr 12, 2022

"I found your analysis of the publishing industry"s future quite depressingly accurate"

Ms Judith Miller, journalist, The New York Times, personal communication with World Affairs Monthly November 3, 2005


It is a simple thesis, and it is stunning for its simplicity and elegance. Ideas rule the world, and ideas will soon rule the universe. We can look forward to rapid progress, we can hope for a brighter future, and we have nothing to fear: in the coming years the bankers and publishers will join up, and become inseparable, they will become in effect one, and interlocked in a brilliant and powerful union. They will become highly dependent on each other, and indeed they will not be able to work or live apart.

The result of this union: knowledge and capital will find each other, and work wonders. Miraculous events will take place, and we will be shocked, and of course delighted. The world of ideas will have found its natural partner -- the world of capital (and capitalism). Humanity will then take off and we will never understand why we were held back for so long.

What does this mean for the current powerful players in banking and the media? They will erode quickly, and then collapse. What is responsible for this extraordinary upheaval? The microprocessor is of course responsible. But this computing power will work in close cooperation with the even more powerful human brain. World Affairs Monthly recently called up the Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California and found these leaders of the semiconductor industry eager to speak about the processor and its future -- and humanity's future. The Intel spokesman, Chuck Malloy, exchanged the Intel vision with the vision of the editor of World Affairs Monthly, and the result is a rather exciting discussion. [**Click here** or on the audio icon above to listen to the editor of World Affairs Monthly interview Chuck Malloy.] Remarkable and extraordinary events will soon get under way. We may not believe our eyes. We will be incredulous. We will know we are in a new era -- the most awesome era in recorded history.

Capital is precious, so it will always be sold for a price; the same is true for ideas and knowledge, they are precious, and will be as well auctioned for a price. Let us hope the price is always affordable, and reasonable. In the coming era, however, we can see that the auction for capital and ideas will be quite excited and even frenetic. Everyone will be scrambling to get the best ideas (theory + technology) and the most capital -- in order to "make things happen."

What will be most astonishing about this new era is its efficient allocation of capital. We will not see capital squandered on bad ideas and theories (faulty technology). We will see less and less misallocation of capital. What we will see instead will be nothing short of stunning: capital will find its way to the best ideas very quickly. In history capital has always been misallocated. How much has been misallocated? We cannot easily say, but let's assume it has been a substantial figure. Indeed, this is the banker's peril. The banker is simply terrified of sending capital to the foolish idea, to the failures. In the new era these unfortunate misjudgments will be small in number, and we may even see them disappear in some respects.

So we will feel blessed. How much has this historical misallocation of capital been a brake on our progress? World Affairs Monthly would estimate that it has been a considerable brake, indeed a powerful brake. Research is needed to answer this question, and it is a truly fascinating one. What will happen when this brake is removed, or largely removed? Progress will be rapid -- stunningly rapid. Shocking things will happen. We will become truly efficient. We will therefore become powerful beyond belief.

What is the actual mechanism by which this will all happen? The entrepreneurs of the world will undertake their work, and strive for their dreams -- and begin realizing their ambitions. They will codify their knowledge and ideas, organize their thoughts, and begin communicating to others in the world, and all of this will be accomplished with breathtaking efficiency. The genetic code of one organism (human being) will meet another with similar interests, and they will catalyze further thought. This will be cross-fertilization. This will be revolutionary. This will break down stratification, and all structures and institutions (particularly large institutions). It will all be taking place on the genetic level, with culture playing a limited role (in the opinion of World Affairs Monthly). Creativity will become the prime commodity, the most valuable commodity in the world. Integration and interpretation will throw our brains into new interactions, and we will never be the same.

The microprocessor will be largely responsible for this, and the creation of The Intel Corporation was a truly historic event in the history of the world. The technologies (to be developed and commercialized by the editor of World Affairs Monthly) will unleash awesome power on the world, and smash up all stratification and artificial structure, and release the human being from bondage. We must assume, as it has been stated above, that this will all be happening on the level of the genes, and on the code which organizes and directs life. Let us consult the brilliant British botanist, biologist, and geneticist Cyril Dean Darlington (1903-1981) and analyze the fascinating diagram [see the diagram below] he drew up in 1958. He shows us the logic of this historical interaction, and the resultant modern stratification. We can be certain that this highly complex stratification will be thoroughly and quickly destroyed in the new era. We are entering the most revolutionary time in human history, and we may not wish to know where this will take us -- it may be that shocking and frightening and unexpected. World Affairs Monthly offers many thanks to Chuck Malloy and The Intel Corporation for the enjoyable on the record discussion.

**The original article was published in 2005 together with the audio recording of Mr Chuck Malloy [then spokesman of Intel Corporation] being interviewed by World Affairs Monthly. This interview may in the future be republished at