capital is destructive insofar as new knowledge, new ideas, new technology obliterate the ways of the past

The price of crude oil can really go higher and higher I do not think there is really a limit on how high it can go I predict it will eventually go to $200

Ashkenazi Jews who totally control the USA do not want Americans driving diesel vehicles diesel fuel has 15% more energy than gasoline and diesel engine is 25% more efficient than gasoline engines

The Federal Reserve Board is overall pretty incompetent but it does not really matter because the Ashkenazi debt business is what drives economic policy and Fed policy also interest rates

It is pretty obvious interest rates cannot go up much because if they do they will bankrupt the US govt which has a gargantuan transfer payments program

I had thought I would pretty often be putting new comments here on the scrolling text and I am but the world does not change too much so the pace of new content is not so fast

Annual debt service cost of US govt is now about 15-16% of US govt hard cash revenue so the Ashkenazi Jewish parasite does not have much time left before their host implodes

2 main reasons for the Ukraine war: 1) reverse Zionism the Ashkenazi Jews have realized Fertile Crescent Zionism is finished 2) get Ukraine, topple Putin regime get Russian oil & natural resources

In the mid 1990s I came up with the concept of "development dictatorship" and the Chinese govt has brilliantly carried out my conceptual model

Most of the important heads of state around the world realize that I now "call the shots" so this means I pretty much rule over the entire world this is pretty cool also amusing

I will soon interview the ambassador of Kazakhstan to the United States this will be interesting I have generally been proven right about Kazakhstan however they need more "development dictatorship"

It appears that within 1 year or so most Americans that do a serious commute with their large gasoline powered vehicles will no longer be able to afford these commutes

Ashkenazi Jews do not like the 1st Amendment they want to restrict speech they do not approve of

The Christian faith and its tolerance and forgiveness can only be taken so far it will collapse then the force of nature takes over

Tension is building again I realized last night another world war is inevitable probably within 10 years this war will result in the destruction of pretty much the entire world particularly the USA

The German Catholics in Bavaria in the 1920s 1930s did not fully realize the Slavs in the East were not their enemies their real enemies were Ashkenazi Jews and Bolshevism so Germans lost the war

It is probably true that Mr Vladimir Putin knew I was right and so he ordered the military incursion into Ukraine and I think he is now committed to "development dictatorship"

I realized recently WWII was mostly about the Jews, not only the Pale of Settlement but also Jews in Western Europe and this war in Ukraine is also about Jews and WWIII will be about Jews

The Three Secondary Sources of Economic Growth and Development [June 2012]

Apr 13, 2022

As I wrote yesterday, it is obvious that people have trouble dealing with reality. Most people in fact live in a fantasy world, their own little fantasy world. Most men are not "cognitive" [say 95%] and they generally have no idea what they are talking about. I deal with "high level men" all the time, doing my work here at WAM, and let me assure you that most of them are idiots. The United States is certainly one of the most corrupt nations in the world, perhaps the most corrupt. And the founders of Hamas were right 13 years ago when they told me that the Jews have corrupted the United States. This is certainly the ugly truth.

The propaganda put out by these people, the "Zionists" etc, is so mind-blowing stupid it is amazing. That many Americans, if not most, believe this garbage is depressing evidence that the United States will end in horrific violence. I have predicted that up to 75 million Americans will die in a civil conflict near the end of the transition to Phase 3. You may find this astonishing and hard to believe. Well, I am quite confident that this kind of killing is coming. The American elite, the wealthy, will be annihilated and their wealth seized and there will be violent upheaval and revolution and almost nonstop combat and war.

This is how 500 years of Western economic expansion ends and this is what happens to the final economic super power which has been dreadfully corrupted by Ashkenazi Jews and "Zionism." Russia was early in the 20th century steeped in violence and so was Germany, a few decades later. You'd have to be an idiot to think the United States would not be. Cairo is being taken over by the Egyptian people again, after having suffered for decades under a Jewish-controlled dictatorship. Iran has been free of Jewish and Western control for decades. Saudi Arabia is under Jewish control and so are the Arab Gulf "kingdoms." But WAM predicts that this will be coming to an end sometime relatively soon. The price of crude oil will obviously move up sharply and this will finish off the United States and along with it the dollar. The Western colonial outpost Israel will be destroyed, obviously -- along with the Jews living there.

If you do not think the United States is finished, you are naive. With the propaganda as thick as it is now, you would have to be a total idiot not to be suspicious and frightened. As I have said a few times in recent days, this really heavy propaganda is a signal that horrific violence is coming. If you live in the United States and in a large metropolitan area, then you had better soon learn how to use firearms. You also should prepare to leave, emigrate -- if you can.

And as I have tried to say many times, this is the work of nature. According to the WAM science, the three secondary sources of economic growth and development are beginning to show signs of fatigue. This comes decades after the fundamental sources of economic growth and development began to contract. WAM's three secondary sources of economic growth and development?

1.) commerce

2.) central banking/monetary "policy"

3.) debt

I find it amusing that the American politician Ron Paul and his politician son Rand Paul want to "end the Fed" and have the United States go on a gold standard. This is hilarious as it would immediately remove one large source of economic growth and development and one that we have been relying on heavily, and increasingly heavily, since 1971. The debt-peddlers in the United States would still be able to peddle their debt to the American public. Spend more and more money we don't have, they say. Just send us the interest payments, they say. Who are the debt-peddlers? Well, they are mostly these people the Hamas folks do not like. Would you like living in Gaza, which pretty much resembles an open air Gulag?

You can see below the three fundamental sources of economic growth and development. I know it is hard to deal with reality. Fantasy is much more attractive. The bullshit coming out of Zionist Washington is however getting really tedious. Propaganda is, I have explained, only really effective when you have authoritarian rule. You will not have propaganda when you have a thriving republic. You only have propaganda when you have a serious problem, when you have proto-dictatorship or outright dictatorship.

But nature can always be counted on to solve the problems, however. This is what the transition to Phase 3 is all about: solving the problems, addressing the issues. It unfortunately takes a lot of time and it unfortunately takes a lot of violence.