capital is destructive insofar as new knowledge, new ideas, new technology obliterate the ways of the past

I am now thinking the price of crude will stay relatively low in the range $65-$75 that's because OPEC + [Russia] knows I have brought to end both the Jew War in Ukraine and the Jew War in the Levant

Ashkenazi Jews who totally control the USA do not want Americans driving diesel vehicles diesel fuel has 15% more energy than gasoline and diesel engine is 40% more efficient than gasoline engines

I tend to think inflation will stay relatively low 4%-5% in the USA, Europe, all over the world although it is clear it is peaking because I am now acknowledged as the global policymaker

Repeat: an important reason rates cannot go up much because if they do they will bankrupt the US govt which has a gargantuan transfer payments program

I am going to put my son Christophe [age 23] in charge of tech development for the US govt even for the entire world this will drive down inflationary pressures

Annual debt service cost of US govt is now about 20% of US govt hard cash revenue but the US Treasury Department is run by criminals and they will not acknowledge this

2 main reasons for the Ukraine war: 1) reverse Zionism the Ashkenazi Jews have realized Fertile Crescent Zionism is finished 2) get Ukraine, topple Putin regime get Russian oil & natural resources

In the mid 1990s I came up with the concept of "development dictatorship" and the Chinese govt has brilliantly carried out my conceptual model

Most of the important heads of state around the world realize that I now "call the shots" so this means I pretty much rule over the entire world this is pretty cool also amusing

I hope to interview the ambassador of Kazakhstan to the United States this will be interesting I have generally been proven right about Kazakhstan however they need more "development dictatorship"

The criminal/crazy Ashkenazi Jews want to deny energy to Americans but I will put an end to this Americans will be driving diesel vehicles this will be deflationary

Repeat: Ashkenazi Jews do not like the 1st Amendment they want to restrict speech they do not approve of

Repeat: the Christian faith and its tolerance and forgiveness can only be taken so far it will collapse then the force of nature takes over

I am planning to publish all articles in the WAM media in 5 languages [English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese Mandarin] this should happen relatively soon

The German Catholics in Bavaria in the 1920s 1930s did not fully realize the Slavs in the East were not their enemies their real enemies were Ashkenazi Jews and Bolshevism so Germans lost the war

It is probably true that Mr Vladimir Putin knew I was right and so he ordered the military incursion into Ukraine and I think he is now committed to "development dictatorship"

I realized recently WWII was mostly about the Jews, not only the Pale of Settlement but also Jews in Western Europe and this war in Ukraine is also about Jews and WWIII will be about Jews

What is Inflation? (Part Two)

Dec 29, 2022

It is amazing that I first started realizing the United States of America was in serious trouble was when I was 19 years old or so. 1977: this is about 1 year after I graduated from Saratoga High School in Saratoga CA [in the San Francisco Bay Area]. If I remember correctly – and I really do have a clear memory of this – it was largely because I had finished the bullshit operation called “high school” and I was forced confront the issue of what I was going to do with my life. I asked myself, “hey are you going to sign up to this thing called United States of America?” Well if you had known me at the time you would have known what the answer would be. The answer is no, most definitely no.

And why? America was the leader of the world, clearly. A very dynamic and powerful nation, one of the most powerful in the history of the world. I liked that obviously and I was not at all taken by serious criticism of this structure and system.

What I remember is realizing that the United States of America was so powerful and wealthy that it was going to build out the entire world – do what Rome did but on an even grander and more impressive scale. This was super cool, I thought. It should be done and it must be done, I had thought. It is expensive however. Very expensive!

I did not know what Jews were at the time. Ashkenazi Jews. I did realize that the United States of America was beginning to go into debt, that Richard Nixon and his secretary of the Treasury John Connolly took the United States off the gold standard. The dollar was no longer pegged to gold, to the price of gold. This opened the door to unlimited government power. Government could then do “deficit spending” and that is what started in the early 1970s. By the end of the decade it was obvious that this pretty large government spending – and borrowing – was not going to go away. In fact, it would only get larger. And it did. Ronald Reagan's administration basically tripled the sovereign debt of the United States. The “junk bond” also inevitably became famous and a very powerful financial instrument.

The price of capital is critical, obviously. In the first years of the 1980s the Federal Reserve finally determined to try to get control of the runaway inflation that had been building up since the Vietnam War. They raised interest rates. After a few years of very high interest rates the inflation was subdued, the stock market took off, and most Americans thought Ronald Reagan was a great guy.

Since 1982 interest rates have been falling and the price of bonds kept going up. We've had four decades of bond supremacy.

Now I finish this article off – quickly. The 4 decades of a rather awesome debt binge is coming to an end. Inflation has suddenly appeared and it is elevated, so elevated that most people in the United States are rather irritated. Moreover this inflation is not surprisingly a global phenomenon. The annual debt service cost of the United States government in 2016 was around 12% of hard cash revenue. Several years ago this number was around 15%-16%.

And what is it now? It is 20%. The debt service cost of the US government is $1 trillion. So I was right not to sign up to the United States of America. Washington is bankrupt and it will be defaulting on its debt rather soon – certainly within 10 years. We are likely at the beginning of everyone realizing the truth. The world will be truly horrified when they appreciate this truth: inflation is ramping up because the United States government is beginning to print money – sending it into circulation – to pay the bills. It is tragic, yes. Yet there is a logic to it, an inevitability. Fate.

The reason the cost of debt service has basically doubled in 2 years? The Federal Reserve raised interest rates. I will not get into the details. It is the end of the United States of America. Well, we will see its institutions adapt. It is the end of an era. The era of World War II and the Cold War.

Published below are some historical interest rate charts, some data about the ownership of the United States sovereign debt, an excellent recent article US debt hits record as cost to service it rises in the China Daily [] also some historical charts on debt service cost as well as my Twitter [@destructive_cap] commentary on inflation. This Twitter commentary is quite extensive as you will see.